Tale of an Anxious Heart


Tale of an anxious heart: a romance on the run

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The spicy romance suspense – Tale of an anxious heart – follows Marianne, a woman haunted by her inner demons, and James, a dangerous hitchhiker with a troubled past, who embark on a road trip that forever changes their fates. From the moment they meet, their lives become intertwined.

As Marianne prepares for her holiday, anxiety consumes her, and she struggles to keep it together as she sets off on her journey. Along the way, she encounters a wounded stranger who brings more trouble than good.

Despite her reservations, Marianne feels a pull toward the sexy stranger. As she nurses him back to health, she can’t resist his dark and mysterious persona. However, she soon realizes that James isn’t the person she thought he was.

Their relationship becomes increasingly complicated as they face danger at every turn, and Marianne’s anxiety worsens. James becomes a trigger for her panic attacks, yet she can’t let him go.

Their world is turned upside down when James is forced to reveal his truths. Marianne’s heart is torn between her love for him and the need to protect herself from the danger he brings.

As they run for their lives, Marianne and James are pushed to their limits. They face betrayals, heartbreaks, and death at every turn. Marianne must confront her inner demons, and James must face the consequences of his actions.

Will they make it to safety, or will their dangerous love story come to a tragic end? This is a romance suspense about love, loss, and redemption.

Tropes: Forbidden love, Opposites attract, Stuck together, Criminal lover, Love conquers all.




“This version is truly terrific! It’s fast-paced and exciting… I like that she thinks about Eric without having to bring him physically into the story. I have every reason to believe it will be a big success!” – Reedsy Editor

“This was a gripping read I have never read a story like it. Great complex characters that I didn’t always understand but such suspense.” – Corinne from Book Siren (4 stars)
“Definitely a different book. It is a epic journey for two slightly odd people.” – Abby from Book Siren (4 stars)
“This was a wild ride! There were some typical romance book cliches throughout but there were a lot of unique aspects to this story! The good definitely outweighed the bad. No cheesy first names, fantastic (and original) “intimate” moments, and lots of twists and turns! A fun beach read. Would recommend if someone likes romance with a little action and adventure.” – Em from Book Siren (4 stars)

“I started this book yesterday morning and had not stopped reading it (it’s currently 01:25 AM). I had been hooked since the first page. the storyline was amazing, the book did feel rushed at times but it fitted Marianne and her panic attacks. I love James and I love how patient he had been with her. This is a definite read !!” Bookishtals form Book Siren (5 stars)